DIY Sugar Body Scrub with Coconut Oil

I am LOVE with coconut oil. I had no idea it was one of those amazing products that is good for pretty much anything. Remember the guy in My Big Fat Greek Wedding who sprayed Windex on any ailment? I’ve become that person. Dry skin? Acne? Diaper rash? Cradle cap? Just put some coconut oil on it!
I’ve been playing around with oils for my dry and eczema prone skin and this scrub is making a huge difference for me.

Sugar Body Scrub with Coconut Oil
2 cups granulated sugar
1 cup coconut oil
10-15 drops essential oil (I love lavendar, lemon, or geranium)
Melt the coconut oil in a double boiler (do NOT microwave!) and mix into sugar. Add essential oils, stir well and put in an jar with a lid. Keep in the shower for use as often as you like! The coconut oil becomes solid at room temperature but just scoop some out and it will quickly melt in your hand.


4 thoughts on “DIY Sugar Body Scrub with Coconut Oil

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