How to paint a chevron wall

Chevron! (Say it like Oprah. Chev-roooooooonnn!)

I saw a lovely grey and white chevron wall over on pinterest and had to have my own. You see, my husband had just finished building a fabulous murphy bed in our bonus room (more on that later), but I kept thinking it needed something more. Too sterile. Guest beds need to feel cozy, super soft sheets and be adorned with some kind of headboard. But, I knew with a four month old and a four year old running around, I needed to do something quick and easy, with big visual impact.

The walls in this room are already painted a lovely shade of grey and I had leftover cream paint that matched the trim and cabinets, so I did this on the cheap. Before I started painting, I took measurements and made a little drawing of my design to double check everything. I first measured the length and width of the wall, and formed my pattern working from the middle out. I picked the middle point and made a square grid; then I made the chevron pattern using the points of the squares. I wanted a big, dramatic pattern (and I didn’t want to have to tape too much), but you could do it whatever scale you want.

Once I was happy with my pattern, I started measuring out my grid and used small pins to mark the points of the squares. Then the final and most laborious step before getting out the paint roller was to tape the chevron pattern.

Save some time and buy the Frog tape. It seals wonderfully and you will get a nice clean line.

Then paint a couple of coats, remove your tape and a bada bing – serious chevron fabulousness!


7 thoughts on “How to paint a chevron wall

  1. This reminds me of a grid wall I painted in my master bedroom – 5 shades of one color, all squares. The hardest part was taping and measuring. Love the look of the chevrons.

    • I remember that wall Kalei, I love it! The taping is definitely the most time consuming part but the reward is finally pulling off that tape and admiring your work.

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