Homemade dry shampoo for brunettes

Dry shampoo is one of my absolute beauty must haves. It freshens up your locks after a workout or in between washings, and gives your roots a little lift from bed head. It can be a spendy product, but my main issue is that it can leave your hair with an ashy grey look if you have brown or other dark-colored hair. Dry shampoo is basically made of cornstarch and fragrance. So, I got to mixing in my kitchen and came up with a nice homemade version that works great for us non-blonds.

Just take equal amounts of unsweetened cocoa powder and cornstarch and mix together. Store the mixture and sprinkle (not too much!) on roots when you need a little hair refresher and some body.

I’m wondering if you could use cinnamon or something to make a version for red-heads? Hmmmmm…


One thought on “Homemade dry shampoo for brunettes

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