Displaying kids art

I am SOOO excited about this finished project and can’t wait to share it with you!

You know the drill…you’ve got your kids adorable art sprinkled all over the house and car. I think it’s important to honor their creativity and display their prized artwork, but I was struggling with a way to contain it all. So I came up with the idea to once a year scan the pieces onto my computer and make a mosaic collage to hang on the wall. I had Cole go through his art and pick out his favorites for the mosaic and other favorites to keep in a file. Now he can proudly show off his work and I don’t have projects all over the place.

This is so easy to do, you don’t need a fancy program. I searched for a free program to make a mosaic using his first day of school picture as the master image, and found mosaickr.com. This is a free program and worked great, you just upload your photos and they put it together for you. The only problem I had was that this looks the best when you use 300-500 photos, and I had around 50.

I ended up using Picasa (also free) to put together the collage. After uploading your images and editing, you simply select all the photos you want to include and click on the “Create Photo Collage” button at the top.  I also included his first day of school photo in the collage to put in the center.

Then select “mosaic” from the collage options and rearrange until you are happy with the layout. I was able to put his school picture in the middle and put the year in text over the picture as well. Then, just save and have it printed and that’s it!

And I framed it. Now I just have to figure out where to hang it up!


9 thoughts on “Displaying kids art

  1. Love it!! By the way, I have been working on something similar to you “dates” picture in the frame next to Cole’s art collage. I loved that idea when I saw it on Pinterest. As a side note though, isn’t your birthday in July? It caught my eye because I saw 06.07 (which is my anniversary, and thought, all these years I didn’t know we got married on your birthday, then thought, wait a minute, isn’t your birthday on DD’s anniversary …)

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