Easy scrapbook paper art

We are doing a bit of redecorating around here and I wanted get some new art pieces for my little Stella’s room. I couldn’t find anything I loved, so I decided to make something myself. I copied this idea from an ad for a craft store.


You will need:

A blank canvas (I used 20 x 20)
A mix of 10-12 different scrapbook papers
Mod Podge


 I found this cute collection of scrapbook paper for $5.99 and the canvas was half off. So, I only spent $16 total and have some leftover paper to use for something else. Aren’t the scrapbook paper patterns cute? Love.


I started by making a couple of templates for my flower petals. I am not big on perfection for stuff like this, so I just eyeballed it using the cover of a magazine so the template was a bit thicker than the scrapbook paper. I also cut out a circle for the center, just by tracing the bottom of a wine glass to get a nice, round circle.

Then I started cutting the petals out. I used an exacto knife because it is faster for me than scissors.


Once I had enough petals, I started laying them out in random order to make a big bloom on the canvas. Once I was happy with the layout, I glued each piece down with a glue stick.


I added this in the corner, so cute.


After that, I painted on a couple coats of Mod Podge over the whole thing to seal everything and I was done!

What do you think?



Ten Easy St. Patrick’s Day Ideas

I’m no super mom but I dream of being one. I love all the creative ideas floating around with fun things to do for your kids on holidays, but the truth is, I tend to forget to actually do them. Am I alone?

Here’s a list of super easy and quick ways to do a little something extra special for St. Patrick’s Day this year:

1. Green Toilet Water

greentoiletwatervia A Differentiated Kindergarten

Add a little green food coloring to the toilet bowl before you call it a night, and blame it on those pesky leprechaun’s.

2. Green Breakfast


Or if you forget, do it for dinner. You get a second chance with this one. This is my husband and my oldest having green eggs and green milk. Endless options here…green milk in the cereal, green smoothie, green pancakes/waffles/french toast.

3. Lucky Charms

luckycharmsvia Wizards & Fairies

Get ’em hopped up on sugar cereal!

4. Free Printables

freeprintablevia Money Savvy Michelle

There is a plethora of free printable coloring pages and activity sheets on Pinterest.

5. Wear something silly & green

Via Target

Pick up some St. Patty’s Day themed socks for each family member.

6. Make some art

via Parenting.com

Browse Pinterest for a bunch of easy art ideas you can do with your kids. I love this hand print version of a four-leaf clover. Precious!

7. Rainbow water

via happy hooligans

How cool is this? Just add a little food coloring to your ice-cube trays in rainbow colors to make this “rainbow water”. This would be a fun way to spice up dinner time.

8. Jazz up the lunchbox

via Bento Diva

You don’t have to go all out like this adorable bento box, but try to add some green or a shamrock sandwich to the old lunchbox. If you don’t have a shamrock cookie cutter, you can also cut out three small hearts to form the shamrock leaves, and add something else for the stem.

9. Corned Beef and Cabbage dinner

via Canadian Family

Make a traditional Irish meal of corned beef and cabbage. This recipe is easy peasy, you just put everything in the crock pot and get on with your day.

10. Green beer

Now pour yourself a green beer and kiss someone – Irish or not 🙂

Rescue a girl from rape & abuse – how you can help

Can you imagine growing up in a literal garbage dump? How about raising your children there?

From Sevenly.org:

“What does the word “hell” mean to you? In Nicaragua, there is a 70-acre garbage heap called, “La Chureca”. This landfill is home to about 2,000 people. It is hell on earth. The people there spend their lives digging through trash for food or materials they can sell. Children suffer from mercury and lead poisoning, dehydration, malnutrition and parasite-related diseases. Desperate families often prostitute their daughters to the truck drivers for first access to new garbage. These young girls live in constant fear of rape and abuse.”

I know that we are all asked often to help those in need, and I ask you to please consider this important cause.

Before you read on…know that even if you can’t afford to give, you can still help – so keep reading!

I can’t think of anything worse than not being able to provide the basic necessities for your family, but then thinking about little girls being pushed into prostitution tugs at my heart in a whole new way. I simply cannot even get my head around it and I want to book a flight today and go rescue these poor girls and their families! It’s overwhelming…but we can help.

Sevenly is an organization that partners with charities as a “cause activation platform”. This week they have partnered with Forward Edge International, which happens to be a charity here in my lovely city of Vancouver, WA. Simply put, you can purchase a shirt (lots of cool options for styles), and Sevenly will give $7 to Forward Edge to rescue a girl from La Chureca. The girls are placed in a refuge home near their families where they receive education, job placement, nutrition counseling and love.

I have the utmost respect for Forward Edge because they are not only a Four Star Charity (meaning over 88% of operating expenses go directly to the cause), but they are working toward long term solutions for those they are serving. Think “a hand up, not a hand out”. From child sponsorship, to disaster relief, to health care missions, they are really making a difference.

So if you feel inspired, pelase join me in purchasing one of these shirts to help the girls in La Chureca. If you’re not in a place to give right now, you can still give by helping to spread the word through social media.

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